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Welcome to Oreratile Consulting

Oreratile consulting is the close corporation registered under the laws of South Africa, our company was registered in the year 2004.Our intention is to offer prudent professional service to varying needs of our clients with sound business ethics hence our motto a comprehension of business principles. 

Oreratile consulting is founded by Mr. Andrew Tshoke who is inspired by South Africa which supports empowerment and economic growth, by taking into cognizance diverse culture which vary considerably. Our company ensures that it is people oriented whereby the needs interest and attitudes or our clients in as far as service is concern, is being well catered for without segregation.Mr Andrew Tshoke is passionate about business finance he studied BCOM I in University of the North in Polokwane


Oreratile Consulting operate as the most globally integrated firm, with one methodology, across all our geographical areas. It's a structure that enables us to mobilize our people quickly, and allocate them to projects in the right place, at the right time. Through our industry-focused approach and worldwide reach, we help clients like you manage risk, improve performance and sustain the results. Our business focus on:
  • Business planning
  • Business profile
  • Business registration
  • Business tax planning
  • Business tax registration
  • Business financial planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Advisory